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Target Pests

Onyx Is a great a controlling Pine beetles and tree borers infesting trees.

For Use In

Onyx is used to control pests on trees and ornamental plants. It can also be applied to lawns and around structures.,


Like all landscape professionals, you know that bark beetles and borers are some of the most devastating and difficult-to-manage pests. And both you and your customers know that these voracious pests are capable of killing trees that are extremely expensive to remove and replace. Protect the health of both your trees and your business relationships with Onyx® insecticide.

Use FMC formulated Onyx insecticide as a preventive treatment for reliable, long-term protection against beetles and borers. While several organophosphates traditionally used to control these pests have been removed from the market, Onyx insecticide continues to be a viable, effective solution for the prevention of beetle and borer damage.

To ensure your trees are protected, it is recommended to apply Onyx insecticide one to two months prior to expected adult beetle flight. Using a hydraulic sprayer, spray the tree as directed on the label for consistent, dependable control of these target pests.

Onyx insecticide is most effective when applied preventively, before adult beetles have attacked the tree. Flight timing can vary due to environmental factors. It is recommended that Onyx insecticide be applied one to two months prior to typical adult flight.

Coverage Area

Onyx Insecticide has many application techniques that can be found on the product label available above or on the bottle. 0.30oz of Onyx will treat 1000 square feet as a broadcast mist application. Generally it will be applied with a pump sprayer but could also be power sprayed.

Time to Kill

Onyx Insecticide kills immediately as soon as the target pest is contacted by the chemical and also provides a residual protection.

Mix Rate

0.07-1.15 fluid ounces per gallon of water to cover 1,000 square feet

Active Ingredient

Bifenthrin 23.4%

How To

Onyx Insecticide formulation mixes readily with water and other aque- ous carriers, and controls a wide spectrum of insects and mites on trees, shrubs, foliage plants, non-bearing fruit and nut trees, and flowers in out- door plantscapes, such as around residential dwellings, parks, institution- al buildings, recreational areas, athletic fields and home lawns. Non-bear- ing crops are perennial crops that will not produce a harvestable raw agri- cultural commodity during the season of application. Onyx ® may be tank-mixed with other products, including insect growth regulators.

When tank mixing Onyx  with other products, observe all pre- cautions and limitations on each separate product label. The addition of spreader stickers is not necessary. The physical compatibility of Onyx  may vary with different sources of pesticide products, and local cultural practices. Any tank mixture which has not been previously tested should be prepared on a small scale (pint or quart jar), using the proper propor- tions of chemicals and water to ensure the physical compatibility of the mixture.

The following procedure is recommended for preparation of a new tank mix, unless specified otherwise in label directions:

(1) Add wettable pow- ders to tank water,

(2) Agitate,

(3) Add liquids and flowables,

(4) Agitate,

(5) Add emulsifiable concentrates, and

(6) Agitate. If a mixture is found to be incompatible following this order of addition, try reversing the order of addition, or increase the volume of water.

Note: If the tank-mixture is found to be compatible after increasing the amount of water, then the sprayer will need to be recalibrated for a higher volume application. Do not allow tank mix to stand overnight. When using tank mixes, observe all restrictions and precautions which appear on the labels of these products. Provide constant agitation to keep the mixture in solution.

Onyx Pro Tree Insecticide Bifenthrin

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Onyx Pro Tree Insecticide Bifenthrin


Onyx insecticide controls three distinct groups of pests: bark beetles and borers other ornamental pests including scale, mites, bagworms, lacebugs, whiteflies, tent caterpillars and twig borers turf pests such as billbugs and armyworms, as well as ants, crickets and fleas. Prevent borers and beetles from damaging your trees.

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