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Target Pests

Over 20 Animals


100% ORGANIC - made with certified organic ingredients; no harmful chemicals Environmentally safe product; exempt from EPA registration Sprinkle once a week in and around areas where animals are causing damage, and or in areas you want to protect.

No mess - unlike liquid or spray products Safe to use around children, pets, plants, and food crops Patent-pending granular formula will not burn plants Extremely resistant to rain and snow.

Keep pests away from your property, foundation, garden, etc. Protect property and belongings from pest animals and their droppings Reduce health risks and prevent the spread of disease Save plants, flowers, vegetable gardens, etc. from pest damage Increase property aesthetics Decrease nuisance for residents, neighbors, workers, customers, etc.

Coverage Area

3500 Square Feet or 7,000 Linear Ft

Mix Rate

Ready to Use

Active Ingredient

Organic Garlic (0.00125%), Organic Cinnamon (0.00028%), Organic Clove (0.00028%), Organic White Pepper (0.00028%), Organic Rosemary (0.00015%), Organic Thyme (0.00015%), Organic Peppermint (0.00009%)

Nature's Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent

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Nature's Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent

Nature's Defense All-Purpose Animal Repellent effectively deters 22 different pest species. These 100% organic granules can be sprinkled anywhere to create an irritant scent barrier that keeps pests away. Made from all-natural ingredients, Nature's Defense is even safe to use around children and pets!
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