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Target Pests

Fruit Fly

For Use In

For use in restaurants, bars, supermarkets, homes and other areas where fruit flies are a constant problem ,


Traps are ready to use and can be placed right in the center of your fruit bowl

Coverage Area

1 Trap Covers 10 Square Feet or Place Traps 3 - 4 Feet Apart.

Active Ingredient

Made of FDA approved food grade material

Natural Catch Fruit Fly Traps

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Natural Catch Fruit Fly Traps

Natural Catch Plus fruit fly traps are the no-fuss, no-mess method of trapping and getting rid of pesky fruit flies for good. Low-maintenance traps are non-toxic and pesticide free, containing only a vinegar based all natural attractant to lure fruit flies to their doom. Natural Catch Plus Fruit Fly Traps are ready to use and can be placed right in the center of your fruit bowl. Reduces fruit fly populations 70 to 80 percent or more. Provides control for 30 days. The trap is manufactured from plastics and contains a safe, low-toxic attractant made from acetic acid. Once the flies are inside the trap, they drown in the liquid. Replace the trap once a month.
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Customer Reviews

  • Natural Catch Fruit Fly Traps
    By Nancy Ulin on 9/28/2015
    This is an effective, attractive, and reasonably priced fruit fly trap. It works better than one costing more than twice as much, and the design is both more attractive and more stable. Combined with vacuuming the area for any missed fruit flies, the Natural Catch Fruit Fly Trap has solved our fruit fly problem.



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