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For Use In

Indoor or outdoor areas.,


Because Natural Misting Solutions formulas are non-toxic, they can be used anywhere automatic insect control systems and misting systems can be installed, including SENSITIVE AREAS. They are also compatible with tankless misting systems.

Mix Rate

64 ounce mixes with 55 gallon drum

Active Ingredient

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 8.8% Soybean Oil 1.6% Corn Oil 0.8%

How To

Other benefits provided by our formulas include:

  • Non-toxic: safe around humans, pets, aquatic life, food
  • Higher fill charge can be charged to end-user
  • No stickiness on eaves or windows
  • No residue on bottom of tank, so less maintenance
  • Keeps lines, nozzles and filters clean, so less maintenance
  • Doesn't degrade equipment
  • Non-staining
  • Safe for the environment; EPA's DfE designation pending
  • Odorless, no fumes


This pest control products qualify as EPA MINIMUM RISK PESTICIDES. All ingredients are compliant with the criteria for the EPA's FIFRA 25(b) exemption from registration as a pesticide. Quality Guarantee

You get the highest quality products directly from the source. Not all companies make their own products. Some hire outside manufacturers who make their products for them. Not Natural Misting Solutions. We're the manufacturer. Every Natural Misting Solutions product is made by us under the watchful eyes of the toughest quality control teams in the business. We start with the highest quality ingredients, test them in our state-of-the-art laboratories, and manufacture, package and ship them with countless quality checks along the way.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is totally guaranteed. To make sure that you are completely satisfied, every Natural Misting Solutions product comes with our money back quality guarantee. Your satisfaction is totally guaranteed. If you aren't completely satisfied with the performance of any of our products, return the unused portion with a short explanation and we will promptly refund you the full amount paid.

Naprovit Pro Plus Natural Misting Chemical

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Naprovit Pro Plus Natural Misting Chemical

Unlike most other insect control products which contain highly toxic products that are harmful to humans and pets, all of Natural Misting Solutions products are produced from natural ingredients and have been shown by independent lab tests to be non-toxic. Importantly, toxicity testing for all Natural Misting Solutions products included testing for heavy metals, aquatic toxicity (does it harm marine life), and for dermal (skin), ocular (eye) and inhalant toxicity. Also, all our products are completely odorless and non-fuming.
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