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Target Pests


For Use In

Lawns, Gardens and Landscaped areas,


Where moles have entered from the boundary of a property:

Using a rotary spreader, cover the entire area where moles are present. The initial application will drive moles out of the area and across the property boundary where they entered. The second application will ensure they do not return for up to 45 days.


DAY 1: Apply Mole Scram Professional to the entire affected area of lawn near the boundary where the moles entered, then water for approximately 20 minutes. Make sure the Mole Scram Professional is applied with a radius at least 30 feet beyond and around the infested area where tunnels and holes are visible.


DAY 14: Apply Mole Scram Professional over the same area including 30 feet around the original damage, and water in the same way.


Where moles are present at the center or deep within a property, determine an EXIT POINT and drive the moles toward that point at the property boundary.


DAY 1: Apply Mole Scram Pro starting 30 feet beyond the mole damage and farthest from the EXIT POINT. Water the application area for approx. 20 minutes.


DAY 3: Apply Mole Scram Professional to the remainder of the lawn to continue to push and drive the moles towards the EXIT POINT, watering as before, for 20 minutes.


DAY 30: Apply along the entire property boundary line 30 feet into the lawn area to prevent moles from reentering. Water for 20 minutes.


Triple-Action Protection Against Moles

  • Bad Taste -- Makes moles' food hard to digest
  • Bad Smell -- Strong to them, but mild to us
  • Less Food -- Reduces insect population on the ground


    Application Instructions

    1. Fill a standard rotary spreader and adjust it using the spreader settings inside container.

    2. In a radius extending past the infested area at least 30 feet, apply MOle Scram Professional to this entire area, 2 applications 14 days apart.

    3. Mole Scram Professional should be watered in for 20 minutes ager application.

Coverage Area

22lb's approx. 16,500 sq. ft. AT 1 LB PER 750 SQ FT

Time to Kill

Mix Rate

Ready to Use

Active Ingredient

Castor Oil - 17.0% Citronella Oil - .9997% Garlic Oil - .0003% Peanut Hulls - 82% -

How To

MOLE SCRAM ™ was developed by EPIC as America's Finest™ mole repellent. It is designed to provide the best mole repelling power for less money.

Mole activity in your yard can result in holes, mounds and unsightly surface tunnels. Traditional control methods can be troublesome. Traps are messy and hard to install and maintain. Baits result in poison in your yard. Other repellents offer variable and slow-acting relief.


Mole Scram™ has been proven to quickly and effectively reduce and eliminate mole activity! Our all natural organic repellant contains active ingredients. Mole Scram also contains two other highly effective natural active ingredients that make it strong ... and it's fast-acting too!

Mole Scram

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Mole Scram

Mole Scram Professional is an organic, granular repellent used to reduce and eliminate moles from your lawn. It is also an excellent preventive measure when used in the spring and fall. Mole Scram Professional will safely and naturally stop mole infestation.
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