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Mistaway Mosquito Misting Systems,


Both zones may be set to the same mist schedule or to different schedules. Both zones may be set to the same mist schedule or to different schedules.Remote control may be set to operate both or either of the zones.

How To

1. Disconnect Power to the Unit. The Zone Kit will be recognized when the controller boots up after the Zone Kit is connected.

Pictured: Gen 3 Zone Kit, mounting screws and length of 1/4" tubing.

2. Remove the black plastic plug from access port and push Zone Kit connector and lead through port.


3. Use screws (4 included) to mount Zone Kit to back of unit.

4. Connect 1/4" tubing from misting unit to port labeled "IN" on the Zone Kit. Connect 1/4" tubing feeding each nozzle circuit to the ports labeled "Zone 1" and "Zone 2."

5. Lift controller from shroud and connect the lead from the Zone Kit to the 4-pin connector labeled "ZONE CONTROL." Replace controller.

6. Restore power to the unit.

7. Set the number of nozzles per zone.
SET-UP Menu, NZ1 and NZ2
If you see only NOZ, verify Zone Kit connector is plugged into ZONE CONTROL port on controller and cycle the power.

8. Set the remote zone control.
RMZ1: remote mist in Zone 1 only
RMZ2: remote mist in Zone 2 only
RMZ 1/2: remote mist in Zone 1, then in Zone 2

9. Set the automatic mist zones.
if ZNC = BTH, both zones will mist on same schedule with the same mist duration. In the CYCLES Menu, you can configure schedule and duration for each of 24 mist cycles, C1 - C24.

If ZNC = IND, each zone can operate on its own schedule. In the CYCLES Menu, you configure Zone 1 schedule and duration in 12 possible mist cycles, A1 - A12. You configure Zone 2 schedule and duration in cycles B1 - B12.
You'll find B1 sequentially after A12 in the CYCLES Menu.

10. Run an inspection cycle on each zone.
INS1 for Zone 1 and INS2 for Zone 2. Press and hold Green ► button for 5 seconds to start.

MistAway Zone Kit Gen III

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MistAway Zone Kit Gen III

You can double the nozzles your MistAway Gen III+ mosquito control system will support with this additional zone kit. Your system will be able to support TWO misting zones of 55-65 nozzles each. Part Number 20073
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