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Mistaway Mosquito Misting Systems,


During the 5 minute suspension, if the average windspeed drops below the threshold, the unit will execute the scheduled mist. If not, it will skip the mist cycle.

No matter the windspeed, the unit will still respond to a MIST command from a remote transmitter. Sensor mounts on 3/4" pvc pipe and is connecedt to unit controller with a 50' segment of phone line.

Part Number 10931

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Prevents unit from executing a scheduled mist if windspeed is above preset value. This is an essential add on product for any of the MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems if you leave in an area with high wind issues, such as beach homes. The main function is to prevent the misting system from initiating a mist when the wind reaches a preset range. This is important and a misting system for mosquito control because the mist is meant to drop down to make contact with the flying insects. When the wind is high the misting chemical and mixture will be ineffective. This will cause a decrease in control and an increase in wasted product.

Mistaway Wind Sensor

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Mistaway Wind Sensor


In the 15 seconds prior to a scheduled mist, if the average windspeed is greater than a threshold value the user has set in the controller, misting will be suspended.

Product Number 10931

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