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Mistaway Mosquito Misting System,


Float Switch Assembly (pre-attached to pump suction pipe), this part is used to replace the float switch on the older EFA units, easy to replace and attach to your MistAway Mosquito Misting System Drum Unit.

How To

Replaces rigid multi-level float switch.
Will not annunciate tank level but will shut unit off when tank empties.

Thread the float switch cable/connector (attached to the pump suction strainer pipe) up through the ½” hole nearest the center of the drum.

Attach the float switch connector to the connector with the BLUE wires, located near the front of the underside of the chassis

Insert the ½” pump suction line (with float switch attached) up through the ¾” grommet on the drum lid and into the ½” fitting on the pump. o Push the pipe in firmly and then pull it back to ensure it is locked into the fitting. o The float switch float must be oriented towards the center of the drum.

VERIFY THAT THE FLOAT SWITCH FLOAT IS ORIENTED TOWARDS THE CENTER OF THE DRUM and then secure the drum lid to the drum, ensuring that lip is tightly pressed down to the drum around the entire circumference of the drum.

When the tank level drops below the pump suction line, the float switch will register an empty tank, the display will flash “EMP”, and the pump will shut-off.

The tank is full but the controller still shows “EMP” and NO bars are shown in the LEVEL indicator, Verify that the Float Switch connector is firmly plugged into the two BLUE wires under the chassis.



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Kit that replaces the existing rigid, multi-float level sensor on a Gen 1 with a single bulb-style float attached to the suction tube, aka Gen 1.2 Product Number 10921
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