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Target Pests

Mosquitoes NoSeeUms, Flies,

For Use In

Mosquito Misting System,


Electronic control module recessed into plastic shell covering assembly.
MistAway’s Drum-Based Misting Unit, Gen 1.3, is designed to
atomize a dilute botanical insecticide (typically contained in a 55
gallon drum) through an installed nozzle circuit to control
mosquitoes and other annoying insects.
• The capacity of the unit is dependent on the configuration of the
nozzle circuit. A practical field maximum for one zone is about
75 nozzles (some in parallel) connected by 900 feet of tubing.
• The unit may be programmed to mist up to 24 times daily, with
each mist cycle having its own independent duration. A typical
program will consist of 2 to 3 mist cycles per day, each with a 45
– 60 second duration, for a daily total of 90 – 180 seconds.
• The unit will also mist in response to a signal from a handheld
remote transmitter for a duration programmed by the user.


Unit not automatically misting
Section 7
Troubleshooting and Error Codes
Potential Causes
• System Mode is set to OFF or ON and should be set to AUTOEVERYDAY
or AUTO-CUSTOM. See Section 3, Setting Up the
• No AUTO MIST cycles defined. See Section 3, Setting Up the
• Unit expecting input from wind sensor, but no wind sensor is
installed. Set SEN to OFF. See Section 3 Setting Up the Unit.
• GFCI is tripped or there is no power to the unit.

How To

It is important to note that there are differences of opinion among
misting professionals as to what schedule and duration is
optimal in any given circumstance. These reflect differences in
factors such as relative mosquito pressure, species and activity,
conducive conditions, etc.
• While these differences do exist, a common schedule is
comprised of two scheduled mists per day:
• A mist of 45 seconds in the hours around dawn (after the
sprinkler system has finished).
• Another mist of 45 seconds sometime in the hours between
9PM and 1:00 AM.
• Use of a remote mist, with a duration of 45 seconds, just
prior to spending time in the area in the early evening.
• In this common schedule, the automated mists are timed to
occur when there is unlikely to be activity on the property. Their
timing also avoids afternoon winds and the daylight activity of
beneficial insects like bees and butterflies.

MistAway Controller - Gen 1.3

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MistAway Controller - Gen 1.3

Replacement Control for a MistAway Mosquito Misting System drum unit only. Gen 1.3 This part is necessary to replace when the unit will not turn on or reset. Part Number 10975
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