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Target Pests

Roaches: American Brown-banded, German, Smoky brown, Oriental

Checkout our Roach Identification Chart.


For Use In

Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel is labeled for both indoor and outdoor use, including commercial kitchens. What's more, you can use Maxforce Gel in residential food processing areas without covering food preparation surfaces during treatment. It's also fine to use in occupied rooms of hospitals, nursing homes and extended care facilities. ,


1-2 spots (dime sized) or 1.5” – 3” bead: Moderate infestations or re-treats for German or Brown-banded roaches

2-4 spots (quarter-sized) or 3” - 6” bead: Severe or heavy infestations

1/3” to ½” spots: Large roaches such as American, Smokey-brown or Oriental

Coverage Area

1 tube of Max Force Roach Bait treats 30-120 square yards depending on infestation. Smaller, more frequent gel placements provide faster control than larger, less frequent placements.

Mix Rate

Ready to use

Active Ingredient

Fipronil 0.01%

Maxforce FC Roach Gel Bait Fipronil 0.01%

Product Q & A

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Maxforce FC Roach Gel Bait Fipronil 0.01%


Maxforce FC Roach Gel Bait provides broad spectrum control of roaches with fipronil. Syringe type applicator for easy use.

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Customer Reviews

  • Maxforce FC Roach Gel Bait Fipronil 0.01%
    By John on 9/5/2011
    Have been having problem last 6 months off and on,cleared them out completly


  • Maxforce FC Roach Gel Bait Fipronil 0.01%
    By Marcella Turonis on 11/29/2010
    We had someone rent a room from us who brought his German Roaches with him. When he left, they stayed and we have used more products then I can count. We had exterminators come and spray and tell us good luck trying to kill those suckers.. Talk about discouraging! I found Max Force on line after searching and searching. Max Force Gel is the most amazing roach bait, killer on the market! In just a short time we have gone from almost infestation to almost no roaches!


  • Maxforce FC Roach Gel Bait Fipronil 0.01%
    By Laurie Davis on 6/11/2010
    This product is fabulous! We put it where the roaches concentrated and the very next day dead roaches were found throughout our home! Must get the Demon spray to flush them out first.



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