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Target Pests


For Use In

Homes, Garages, Warehouses, Dumpsters, Stables, Livestock Facilities, Recycling Areas, Loading Docks and Outside Non-Food Contact Areas of Restaurants, Grease Pits, Supermarkets and Bakeries, Agricultural production facilities, poultry houses, canneries, meat and poultry processing plants, caged layer houses, feedlots, and dairy barns.,


For use in scatter, bait station and paint on applications Treats 1,333 square feet [For 1/2# package size] Treats 10,668 square feet [for 4# package size] Treats 101,346 square feet [for 38# package size]
COVERAGE 1.5 oz./250 sq ft (1.5 oz = 3 Tablespoons)


Coverage Area

1.5 ounce / 250 sq ft

Mix Rate

Ready to Use

Active Ingredient

Imidacloprid 0.50 % attractant Z-9 Tricosene 0.10 %

How To


Do not place BONANZA FLY BAIT in areas accessible to animals, children and pets. Scatter Application For use around the outside of:
Agricultural production facilities like broiler houses, turkey houses, caged layer houses, feedlots, dairy barns, and swine confinement buildings.
Canneries; dairy, meat and poultry processing plants; food processing plants, warehouses; dumpsters; recycling areas and loading docks.
Scatter Application For use in walkways of:

Caged layer houses.
Bait Station Application

For use inside of:

Horse Stables Broiler, turkey, and caged layer houses. Swine confinement buildings. Dairy barns and milking parlors. Paint on Application For use inside and around the outside of. Broiler, turkey, and caged layer houses. Swine confinement buildings. Dairy barns.

Martins Bonanza Fly Bait

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Martins Bonanza Fly Bait

Bonanza Fly Bait is a fast-acting, ready-to-Use granular fly bait for the control of house flies. Bonanza fly bait can be used as scatter bait, paint-on(mixed with water), or in bait stations. It has a specifically formulated mixture of attractants to attract flies. These fly bait contains Bitrex to deter ingestion by by non-target animals, pets and children.
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