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Kness Mfg Pest Control Products

When you need a superior rodent trap to slow down those hard to catch rats and mice, you cannot go wrong with the traps designed by Kness Manufacturing. Kness Manufacturing is well-regarded by the pest control industry and has been in the rodent-killing game for quite a long time. Kness Manufacturing was founded in 1924 by A.E “Brick” Kness when he worked as a janitor for a school that had a mouse problem. Using wood from a crate, an oil can, a tobacco can and a curtain rod spring, Kness would design an ingenious trap that would eventually blossom to become the world-famous Ketch-All multiple mousetrap.

Kness Mfg. mouse traps have a state-of-the-art design and are proven to deliver results in capturing any rodents, big or small, that are trespassing on your property. Kness manufacturing mouse traps are made domestically in the USA and world renowned. ePestSolutions is proud to carry some of their more popular traps like the Snap-E Mousetrap and the Big Snap-E Rattrap.

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These traps make a great addition to a well-though out rodent control program. Browse the products below and for help with your order, give us a call or send us and email, we’ll be happy to assist you!


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