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Bayer Pest Control Products

You will win the war against pest and breath easier with Maxforce, it is the number one choice of professional. Maxforce by Bayer delivers high performance and low impact. Looking for a cost-effective formulation for termites, look no further than Bayers Premise, which provides highly effective non repelling termite control and a seven year life span of protection. Bayer offers a full line of some of the best professional general pest control products to effectively treat ants, spiders, adn other pest while saving you money and giving you top notch satisfaction. 
Bed Bugs worst nightmare Temprid, Bayers newest addition to the pest control arsenal. Temprid prosucts solve pest problesm, quickly, including resistanat strains of bed bugs and their eggs. Temprid SC combines the fast-acting, broad-spectrum control of beta-cyfluthrin with the systemic residual control of pest. Imidacloprid to provide premium performance and efficacy. Temprid SC – the only perimeter pest control product you’ll ever need. Flexible label allows unsurpassed control of ants and other perimeter pests 

•Also eliminates aphids, scale insects and mealybugs that produce honeydew, a preferred food source of many ant species 
•Broad-spectrum insecticide 
•Can be applied outdoors and indoors 
•Can be applied as a perimeter application 3 feet up and 10 feet out from structure 
•Surface and subsurface distribution of insecticide 
•Enhanced potency occurs when the active ingredients are combined 

Pests controlled 
Indoor pests: Ants, bedbugs, boxelder bugs, carpet beetles, centipedes, clothes moths, cockroaches, crickets, firebrats, flies, millipedes, pillbugs, silverfish, sow bugs, spiders Outdoor/perimeter pests: Ants, boxelder bugs, carpenter ants, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fire ants, fleas, flies, gnats, ground beetles, hornets, mosquitoes, moths, multicolored Asian lady beetles, scorpions, spiders, ticks, yellow jackets Wood-infesting pests: Beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, drywood termites

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