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There is really no absolute rule to fly light positioning, but they do need to be positioned in a way that draws flies away from the sensitive areas, such as the eating common areas and food prep areas, rather than towards them. The ideal height of a fly light is 6 feet off the ground, as this is the typical height most flying insects are flying at. If you place the fly lights any lower you can be simply drawing the flies into food prep areas.

Always place the fly lights where they can be easily accessible, as they do need to be serviced on a regular basis and you want this to be as easy as possible so that it can be done without consuming lots of time and creating and more frustration than necessary.

Keep away from doors and windows were the light will reflect to the outside and draw even more flies inside.

Keeping your fly light clean and serviced is as important as the first fly light you buy. Having a fly light on the wall with old bulbs and no glue board does nothing to control flies in your establishment. If the glue board is not replaced and covered in insects and or dirt and dust, then no flies will get stuck no matter how good the attractant and location



The Mantis 1x2 Fly Light is ready-to-go out of the box and requires no tools or setup. This unit can be mounted to a wall or placed upright on a table top (freestanding bracket sold separately). The Mantis includes two 15-watt UV bulbs and a large glue board to trap flies, mosquitoes and other insects. A total of 30 watts of insect lure.

Heavy Duty light, very well made a versatile.

Grill easily lifts up to remove glueboards and replace bulbs.

Coverage Area

1000 Square Feet

Mantis 1x2 Professional Insect Light Trap

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Mantis 1x2 Professional Insect Light Trap


110 volt for 220 volt add $59.00 each Mantis 1 x 2 Flying Insect Light Trap is the work horse of fly control.

Portable and ideal for use in food preparation areas and a variety of sensitive areas. Attractive, ultra slim, wall mounted unit (freestanding bracket available) compact and unintrusive.

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