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Target Pests

Norway Rats Roof Rats, and House Mice,

For Use In

In and around homes, industrial and agricultural buildings, and similar man-made structures. Do not use in areas where there is a possibility of contaminating food or food-preparation surfaces,


Application Instructions For Rats

  • Provide a minimum of 1 pint (16 fluid ounces) of Liqua Tox II in each dispenser (suitably-equipped bait station, chick fount, or other suitable device).
  • If infested area is large, or if rat population appears to be high, use dispensers at several locations.
  • Space dispensers and refill them as needed to ensure that bait is exposed in all infested areas where it can be used without putting non target organisms at risk.

Application Instructions For Mice

  • Provide 1/2-pint (8 fluid ounces) placements of Liqua Tox II in suitably-equipped bait stations, chick founts, or other appropriate vessels.
  • Place dispensers at intervals of 8 - 12 feet in all infested areas where bait can be used without putting nontarget organisms at risk.

Follow Up

  • Replace contaminated or spoiled bait immediately.
  • Collect and properly dispose of dead animal sand bait that is no longer needed.
  • Continue treatments as long as target species are being controlled by bait and nontarget species are not at risk

Mix Rate

Mix one 1.68 fl oz envelope with water (see mixing recommendations below), distributing the liquid bait in to bait stations or dispensers in areas where rats and mice will most likely find and consume the bait.

Active Ingredient

Sodium Salt of Dipahcinone, .106%

How To

Water Soluble Liquid Bait

  • LIQUA-TOX II is a liquid rodenticide concentrate containing the active ingredient, Diphacinone, that kills rats and mice.
  • It contains 0.106 percent Sodium Diphacinone which mixes easily in a quart of water to yield a finished bait with 0.005 percent Diphacinone.
  • LIQUA-TOX II liquid rodenticide gives exceptional control in dry conditions or when competition from other food sources is high, such as in grain elevators and food storage warehouses.
  • Rats need water daily and mice will drink when liquids are available.
  • LIQUA-TOX II can be dispensed in Bell's tamper-resistant bait stations, chicken fonts or other receptacles.
  • Keep away from pets and other non-target animals.
  • Liqua Tox II Rodenticide Concentrate

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    Liqua Tox II Rodenticide Concentrate

    • Liquid rat and mice bait
    • Mix with 1 quart
    • Works great where moisture is scarce or there is a large amount of food around
    • Can mix with water or juice and place in station
    • Can also soak fruits or veggies in and place in a station for rodents to eat
    • An also be used to treat for squirrels
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