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Target Pests

Kocide 3000 will control black spot leaf spot, powdery mildew, fungus, leaf spots, and baterial diseases on various plants. See label for full list of target diseases.,

For Use In

Kocide 3000 is intended for use on citrus crops, small fruits, field crops, trees, vegetables, vines and other produce applications.,


Kocide 3000 may be applied as a spray application, through irrigation systems, or aerially depending on use. Please consult label for exact application methods depending on situation.

For common uses mix 1oz of Kocide 3000 per gallon of water. This solution will thoroughly wet up to 1,000 square feet.

Coverage Area

Each 4lb bag of Kocide 3000 will treat up to 1.5 acres.

Time to Kill

Kocide 3000 is for protective and preventative purposes. To eradicate diseases multiple applications may be necessary.

Active Ingredient

Copper Hydroxide 46.1%

Kocide 3000 Fungicide

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Kocide 3000 Fungicide

DuPont™ Kocide® 3000 fungicide/bactericide is formulated with state-of-the-art technology to protect against diseases in wheat, citrus, pepper, tomato tree nut, vine, fruit and has less of an impact to the environment. Kocide® 3000 fungicide/bactericide delivers increased bioactivity, better dispersion and longer residual for each pound of copper applied. Kocide® 3000 places a smaller load on the environment since less copper is applied per application. The DF formulation makes it even more mixer and applicator friendly.
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