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Ultracide for Your Flea Control

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 5, 2016

How Do I Apply Ultracide Flea Control Aerosol to Effectively Control Fleas in my Apartment?

Ultracide Contact Flea Control Flea Control aerosol, with Nylar IGR, is a very effective product for controlling fleas in almost any situation, and in any dwelling.  Each can of Ultracide Contact Flea Control spray covers 2600 square feet.  Ultracide Contact Flea Control is designed to be applied at a rate of 150 square feet per 10 seconds of spray.  That means when you are treating a room 10 ft X 15 ft, it should take you 10 seconds to cover that area.

Ultracide Flea SprayWhen you utilize Ultracide Contact Flea Control for your flea control problems, it is best to be able to leave the house for at least 2 hours, including pets.  This allows the material to dry, and to kill adult fleas in the area.  In addition, cover any aquariums to prevent material from getting sucked up by the pump.

It is best to start in the far corner of the house or apartment and walk backward while spraying.  This prevents you from walking back through the flea spray.  Spray Ultracide aerosol at a distance of about 30 inches from the floor.  Apply the flea spray in a sweeping motion, ensuring you get good coverage.    Apply Ultracide to the furniture, all flooring types, and concentrate on pet resting areas.  Treat any surface that is water safe.  Ultracide Flea Control spray should not stain any material that is not effected by water.

Ultracide Contact Flea Control utilizes permethrin and pyrethrin and is designed to kill biting adult fleas, and prevent them from coming back.

Also contains the Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) Nylar, which prevents immature flea stages from developing into biting adult fleas.

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