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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

All hale the dreaded tick! Most people and pets alike will cringe at the sight and mention of the blood sucking tick, but have no fear epestsolutions is here. The tick which is a blood sucking parasite that can usually be identified by the brownish color and the tick will have 2 body segments. The tick can pose a threat to humans, but even more than that no one wants to find a tick sucking their blood.
Tick Control SolutionsWe typically find ticks in our yards, woods, kennel areas and yes even inside our homes.


Usually with warmer, more humid temperatures people start to see an increase in the tick population. Sadly they can reproduce very quickly and double in populations with a blink of an eye.

So it is important for you and your pets to keep a watchful eye on your surrounding keep brush down to prevent easy harborage areas. If you are in a heavy tick population area, then it may be advisable to be proactive and spray a good permethrin product at the beginning of summer and think about apply a Bifenthrin granules for long term control of ticks and fleas.

Inside you a can apply an aerosol spray, Precor 2000 for control of ticks and fleas.

Looking for ways to Inspect, treat for ticks and fleas in your home and yard, has you covered. Control ticks like a professional with professional pest control chemicals at Using the right products, such as Precor 2000 Flea and Tick Spray or Permethrin 36.8% for your lawn will make all the difference in the world. 

We have the right professional strength Insect control products for all you flea and tick control needs. Best products at the best price and our professional staff is here to help with all your pest control needs call us to place your order today.

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