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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016


SpiderWhen it comes to the question of how to kill spiders, there are some of us whose neck-hair stands up. Being near spiders is not an optimal experience for a number of folks and even the proud lot that stomp them out after we run away would likely rather not hang out with spiders.

Spiders are creepy and they always appear to be plotting. Just sitting there on a web, looking at you with a calm, confident stillness that says, “Yeah, buddy – I’m here. I see you. You see me. What of it???”

They have too many eyes and come in a disturbing – and sometimes deadly – number of varieties. Their webs are art masterpieces of the bug world and they use them to ensnare creatures, then eat them alive. They do not even care what they catch. If you have the ability to get stuck in a web, spiders will eat you.

Not only are spiders God awful abominations, but some are even poisonous to humans. For that reason, both the squeamish and those who live in areas with venomous spiders should look in to control options.

How to Kill Spiders Without Being Near Them

ePestSolutions has a full line of exterminator-grade spider baits, insecticides, traps, dusts and aerosol sprays for the spider-killing enthusiast (some – we won’t say who – will call you a hero for embarking on this quest). So no need to scream and run – face them head on and dominate!

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