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Mouse control is a winter priority
Camille Landry Aug 2, 2016

This is the time of year when mice tend to head inside homes and buildings, seeking a warm place to stay for the winter. To these rodents, your home can seem like a nice cozy place to hunker down for the season, as it keeps them sheltered from the snow and cold. While that’s great for the m...

Mouse control can be a challenge
Camille Landry Aug 3, 2016

Mouse Control Can be a Challenge Mice can cause quite a challenge when they have decided to make a home in your home. But there is hope. Mice are very curious and will usually find yummy lures on traps appealing, so in most cases you can simply set and trap. Do a good inspection of where you ar...

Mouse control, an annual winter challenge
Camille Landry Aug 3, 2016

At this time of year, many people find themselves dealing with some unwanted guests in the form of mice (in addition to various other pests). This is especially problematic in colder areas, where mice seek shelter to hide out from the winter weather and frigid temperatures. While it helps to try...

Rat Control Kits Can Help Out During the Drought
Bug Lady Aug 3, 2016

RAT CONTROL KITS CAN HELP OUT DURING THE DROUGHT   Droughts affect everyone, even rats. A significant lack of water where rats usually live (storm drains, for example), may cause them to emerge to find alternative water sources. Places where animals are kept such as stables and dog parks...

The Mighty Mighty Trapper T-Rex Rat Snap Trap
Bug Lady Aug 3, 2016

When you are being tortured by a large furry animal that is not always seen, long tail and sharp front teeth that have the ability to gnaw through about anything, it is time to pull out the big guns, the Trapper T-Rex Snap Traps. These little black devices of death are made to last and do the jo...

Bat Control Tips
Bug Lady Aug 4, 2016

BAT CONTROL PROGRAM Where they are appropriate you might try placing bright lights, since bats strongly prefer to spend their days in darkness. This may be most likely to be tried in buildings that are difficult to seal, such as warehouses or large barns. Where possible, permanent closure of ope...

Tree squirrels and flying squirrel control
Bug Lady Aug 4, 2016

Squirrels can cause quite a bit of damage or become a simple nuisance to the homeowner when the squirrel decides to use the facility or house for their nest. Squirrels commonly will gnaw their way into attics and floor joists for food storage or to take up residence. Moving into spaces in between...

How to get rid of rats in your garage
Bug Lady Aug 4, 2016

DIY RAT CONTROL Rats are rodents that inhabit all regions of North America and most of us can’t imagine that they are living in our yards, home and garages. Unfortunately, rats often make themselves at home even in places they are not wanted, such as your home and your garage. Therefore...

Pest proof your home this winter
Bug Lady Aug 4, 2016

Wasn’t summer great? Beautiful long sunny days followed by clear cool nights. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last forever. It’s fall and time to pack up the swimming suits and bring out the sweaters and snow gear. Pests are also packing it up but they are moving it into your house. H...

Pest control is something you can wait until summer to deal with, right? Wrong! Here's why winter is high time to get to work
Bug Lady Aug 5, 2016

Here at ePestSolutions, we know a thing or two about infestations. You’re probably well aware that the summer months with their beautiful, warm weather days that allow you to fling open you windows come at the cost of unwanted houseguests. Anything from creepy crawlers to fuzzy creatures,...

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