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Learn to divide and area into what is called “focus zones”

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 3, 2016

Learn to divide and area into what is called “focus zones”

When you think about the behavior of cockroaches you should think recluse, they will spend the majority of their time in protected tight confined areas, like cracks and crevices.

I know we all wished we never saw them, but the truth is the most hidden the cockroach is the more likely it is to build up a large population. They will remain undisturbed so they can continue to do their thing and breed!

This is especially a big deal when we consider the large commercial kitchens and establishments, so it is helpful to break up the zones into specific areas that can be scrutinized and you can concentrate your efforts in the correct area.

It will require you spend some time inspecting and locating these areas, but it will be worth the effort. Get on your hands and knees and check out areas that maybe you do not look at every day, under equipment, hidden areas that will give them the perfect hiding area with plenty of moisture and food. Inspecting is really the first and most critical step to cockroach control.

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