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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

Fipronil is a widely used insecticide that can be found in many of our products. It works by affecting the insects’ central nervous system. Fipronil is a slow acting poison and works well to eliminate cockroaches, ants, some wasps and fleas. Within three days of using a product containing Fipronil you will see a 95% reduction in your pest problem.

How Fipronil works

Maxforce FC Ant Bait Stations

Cockroaches are a huge problem – not only are they annoying and hard to get rid of but they can spread diseases. With Fipronil the results are dramatic. When used with bait the insects ingest the poison and have time to bring it back to their colonies. Cockroach feces and carcasses contain enough poison to kill others within the nesting area. Ants also spread Fipronil rapidly because they bring the contaminated food back to their colony where the ants share the food supply.

One of our most highly effective bates is by Maxforce. Used with Fipronil, your pest problem can be under control within a few days. Just be cautious of using it around bees, fish and large game birds and remember to thoroughly read all instructions and warnings for maximum results.

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