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My name should be Murphy, because when it came to bug problems, everything that could go wrong did. This is how I found myself in epic need of pest control in my Texas home!

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 11, 2016

Have you ever been in desperate need of help from ePest Solutions? I bet I can beat it! My name is Ted, and I’m pretty sure I took home infestations to a new level! First of all, in my defense, I’d like to say that I am not a slob, that’s not to say that I don’t leave behind the occasional mess, but nothing to justify what happened!

Texas Pest ControlIt started with spiders in the basement. My basement is unfinished, I wanted to finish it myself, but I work a fulltime job, so it hadn’t happened yet. Anyway, I didn’t spend all that much time down there, so it was an easy enough project to back burner. That is, until the light went out.

It felt like something out of a horror flick. I flipped the switch and nothing happened.  I could almost hear the suspense music as I carried the latter down with the replacement bulb in hand.  I climbed up the ladder and reached up into the darkness for the bulb… and touched webbing.

I nearly fell off the ladder!

I returned with a flashlight and discovered a massive web that covered most of the ceiling. I thought about getting rid of it, but then I thought better of it. I don’t consider myself a coward, but spiders are an entirely different matter. I decided to quarantine the basement. It’s not like I used it much anyway!

The next intruders that commandeered my Texas home! It got worse when my pest control need intensified.

Texas Pest Control Solutions I settled into an uneasy peace with the spiders. They stayed downstairs, I stayed upstairs, and all was well. Then Doug, my dog, brought in the next round of pests. Fleas! He was completely covers, and before I knew it everything else was too. I tried everything, vacuuming, washing Doug and his bedding, none of it did the trick!

Then I found evidence of bed bugs in my bed. The nasty bites were a pretty good indicator too!

By this point, I was done. I knew I had a job for the professionals. I looked up a few companies and found the right company for the job.  With products ePest Solutions sells, they tackled the mammoth job and my house was once again safe for human habitation.

If you’re looking Pest Control in Texas, ePest Solutions is a great source for all the products and repellents you may need!

Don’t live in fear of the pest problems in your Texas home, get it under control now!

Now that the spiders are out of the basement, I’ve decided work on the basement, no more convenient nooks for the buggers to get started!

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