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The Details: Mistaway Gen 1.3 Drum Based 125 Gallon Misting System

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 6, 2016

The Mistaway Gen 1.3 Drum Based 125 Gallon Misting System is yet another great product that Mistaway provides to the public.  MistAway’s Drum Based System utilizes a state-of-the-art control panel designed especially for automatic insect control. The engineered agitator allows for a consistent blend with each mist. The three button remote allows for even more control. The auto drain valve insures the nozzles open and close instantly, eliminating dripping and streaming. The raised chassis mounts to multi-sized reservoirs.  To learn more about this great product from our friends at Mistaway, just click HERE.  This will show you all the great features, specifications, benefits, and options this great system provides.

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