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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 11, 2016
If you have flies in your facility identifying the breeding ground and its treatment is the key to controlling small flies. Drains can present one of the most overlooked sources for breeding of small drain flies. Drains can look clean on the surface but pose a enormous breeding ground underneath. Floor drains can create an organically rich environment that will attract and breed insect growth. Drains that have failed, have cracked or damaged pipes can be a major culprit in you insect problem. Phorid flies, drain flies, dung flies and American cockroaches are only some of the common insects associated with failed drains and plumbing. Here are a few recommendations for keeping your drains insect free: Clean your drains regularly, drains should be opened and cleaned on a regular basis, using a wire bristle bruch will help remove any excess organic matter. Check drain traps and remove any debris that may end up clogging your line. After cleaning drains use of a drain cleaner or biological agent into the drain is advised. As with all products follow label recommendations for use.
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