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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 12, 2016

Fleas and ticks are bad news and can get out of control. Besides being an uncomfortable nuisance for your beloved pet, they are just gross creatures to have around. The longer your dog has fleas or ticks, more and more of them will be around going forward.

If you think you have fleas or ticks, look into pesticide treatments, starting here and here.

Many of the best pesticides for fleas can be used inside and outside the home, so they are great for controlling fleas in the yard. We also offer the best insecticide for fleas and ticks. Insecticide is specifically meant for insects and pesticide has a broader scope. If you have multiple pest problems, a pesticide may be the way to go.

Home Treatment of Fleas and Ticks

Keep your floors shampooed and vacuumed – that’s where fleas like to live and make babies. Restrict the use of plants that tick-carrying animals – i.e. deer – like eat.

The best pesticides and insecticides for fleas and ticks – combined with proper home care – can keep you flea and tick free, so take the initiative!



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