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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 11, 2016
Bees: Warmer weather and tons of blooming flowers will have bees swarming, as well as looking for places to expand and create a new hive. Having bee hives near your home can be dangerous to your family and pets, especially if you have a family member with any bee related allergies. Bees are so important to our eco systems through cross pollination that we do not want to kill bees. If you notice bees moving into your area, contact your local extension office for information on local bee keepers that will be prepared to come to your home and remove the hive. Fleas: You may begin to notice your pet scratching much more than usual. You might feel quick unexplained brushes against your ankles. You might see small raised red dots on your toddler. But, soon enough, you’ll have the evidence of a full-fledged flea infestation. Fleas can be pests year round, but maybe because we spend more time out of doors, bringing the outside in, they seem to get hopping. Be proactive this year, and be on the lookout for any signs that fleas are moving in. Review our previous flea blogs to see how to handle this annoying pest. Flies: Summertime is prime time for flies to make their move and snack on any and everything. There is no shortage of types of flies to swoop in and annoy you either. There house flies, fruit flies, blue and green bottle flies, and moth flies. They are prolific proliferators and have no eating disorders or aversions. Many flies can lay 150 eggs at a time, every 5-6 days. Luckily, there are a plethora of pest control products to address our fly pest problems. There are sprays, lights, baits, traps and treatments. Now is the perfect time to pick out your solution, and be pre armed for when these tiny terrors come a’knocking. Ticks: Ticks, ticks, ticks, ticks, are one of the summer pests that give me TICS when I think too long about them. The thought of them attaching to my pet or myself, and gorging themselves on our blood,shiver….parasites…ICK! Not to mention the horrible Lyme disease that they gladly share with you. Anyway, summertime is tick time, too. Make sure your grass is kept cut short to diminish places for them to hide and jump on for a human ride. Products available for treating ticks are dusters, sprays, foggers, and repellents. If you or your pet is going into a woody area or grassy trail, please use repellent for the both of you. Review this article for detailed information regarding types of ticks and how to reduce your exposure to them. Termites: Termites are available all year round, but may begin to swarm, and thus be visible, during warmer months. Please refer to our previous blog concerning termite detection and treatment. Keep your eyes open for these summer pests and treat them before they become a problem.
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