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Common Pest Problems In the Fall

Bug Lady posted this on Nov 3, 2016

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While some pests cease to be a problem when the seasons change by disappearing or migrating when temperatures are cooler, other pests can do the opposite and start heading inward into your home to keep warm. We here at ePestSolutions have a list of a few common nuisances that seem to be on the rise around the autumn season going into winter. These include:

  • Carpenter Ants

  • Cluster Flies

  • Lady Bugs

  • House Mouse

  • Western Conifer Seed Bug

The cluster fly, lady bugs (often also called lady beetles) and the Western conifer seed bug are some common irritating pests that will seek shelter from the cold inside a home, usually in large numbers. On the other hand, Carpenter ants, are typically the most active during the spring and summer season but if they’ve already set up nests in your home, they will start to forage for food indoors rather than seeking it outside which will result in structural damage to your home because of carpenter ants tendency to drill holes into wood to travel to and fro.


Mice, and also in some cases rats, are also well-know for targeting homes in search of food, shelter and warmth from the cold weather.  Mice and rats are particularly worrisome when they have accessed your home because they can very quickly create an infestation and can cause various health hazards for residents in the home. Mice chronically gnaw and will even chew on electrical wiring and insulation to satisfy their gnawing cravings as well as the structure of the building. Things could even get worse if they gain access to your pantries and food storage areas as they can easily contaminate your food with their droppings.


Fall Pest Control Preventive Tips

Here are some measures you can take this time of the year to ensure that none of these pests even get a chance to make it inside of your home.

  • Seal cracks and crevices on the exterior of your home. Openings as small as 1/4 inch will allow mice and other pests to enter. Caulk is a good way to effectively seal those cracks up.

  • Trim back tree limbs and shrubs that touch the exterior of your home

  • Keep firewood away from your home and off the ground.

  • Look into adding some crushed rock or gravel around your the foundation of your home. Crushed rock creates an uneven surface which may turn insects off of your home.


If you’ve already encountered a problem in your home with one of these pests, ePestSolutions has your pest control Solutions in the form of our top-of-the-line extermination products and helpful do-it-yourself guides and video tutorials.


Browse our knowledge base or you can even call us or email us and talk to one of our knowledgeable experts about your particular problem in detail and we can suggest for you possible options to take and point you in the direction of effective products we carry that you can order to find relief from these pests not only for the fall but all year long.





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