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Bees, Wasps, Hornets

When Your Home is Attacked By Carpenter Bees
Camille Landry Aug 2, 2016

WHEN YOUR HOUSE IS ATTACKED BY CARPENTER BEES HOW TO CONTROL CARPENTER BEES   Carpenter Bees resemble bumblebees in appearance and size. These bees build their nests in trees or frame buildings. If you see a swarm of bees near the eaves of a home or wood drilling, it’s likely carpen...

Carpenter Bee Control "Get the Buzz Out"
Kinsley Ybarra Aug 4, 2016

CARPENTER BEE CONTROL “GET THE BUZZ OUT”   CARPENTER BEE CONTROL “GET THE BUZZ OUT”   It is not a pleasant sound that carpenter bees make while they are chewing into your home. They are looking for a place to build a small gallery for rearing young. Whi...

Exciter in my 6208 Tri Jet Fogger
Bug Lady Aug 4, 2016

Question: Can I use exciter in my 6208 tri jet fogger that I recently bought off of your company and If so what is a good mixing rate for general pest application like spiders and such in crawl spaces?  Solution: ExciteR pyrethrin concentrate contains 6% pyrethrins and can be used alone i...

Solutions to carpenter bee infestations
Bug Lady Aug 4, 2016

The sight of bees during the summer months may not be surprising or alarming, but discovering that carpenter bees have been making their home in the wooden frame of a home’s window or door may be cause for alarm. The problem is not only related to the damages to the wood, but also the risks...

DIY pest control gifts from ePestsolutions
Bug Lady Aug 5, 2016

Christmas has a way of sneaking up on the ill prepared. One minute you are enjoying the fall colors and the next you are getting an invitation to your friends Christmas party. So start thinking about the gifts you are going to get your friends now. To really impress your friends, make sure you ...

Looking for present ideas for those hard to shop for family and friends? Ever consider pest control products? Here's why you should get a gift from ePestsolutions
Bug Lady Aug 5, 2016

Ah! With stocking hanging over the fireplace where the chestnuts are roasting and a tree decorated with ornaments and topped with a glittering star, you can real feel the holiday cheer. The house is warm and cozy with the familiar and welcoming scent of the evergreen in the living room and the co...

How to inspect, prevent, and treat wasps in your home and yard
Bug Lady Aug 5, 2016 When spring arrives so do all the pesky pest in our home and yard and the one I see as a huge nuisance because of its ability to deliver such a painful memory I the wasps. There are all types of different remedies to wasp stings, but no home remedy for removal. This ...

Cy-Kick, Why You Should Love this Insecticide
Bug Lady Aug 10, 2016

Cy-Kick CS     Prescription Treatment brand Cy-Kick CS Controlled Release Cyfluthrin is the multi-use insecticide designed for professionals like yourself who want a product that works just as smart as you do. It dishes out 90 days of full-throttle, broad-spectrum killing power, co...

Wasps! Wake Up and Watch Out!
Bug Lady Oct 4, 2016

According to WVU Agricultural Center: Stinging insects are limited to the order Hymenoptera, which includes wasps, bees, and ants. The stinger is a modified egg-laying apparatus; so, only females can sting. Most hymenopterans live solitary lives, and their behavior is more likely to be flight t...

Springtime is the Right Time for Carpenter Bees
Bug Lady Oct 8, 2016

Although Carpenter Bees are common, and usually do no severe damage by their tunneling, they can sometimes be extremely dangerous and cause structural damage if the same timber is used by colonies year after year. In this article, we discuss how to identify carpenter bees and control methods for ...

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