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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016
PERIMETER PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS The goal of perimeter pest management is simple – Stop pests outside before they enter your home or business. PERIMETER INSECTICIDE APPLICATIONS RESIDUAL SPRAY APPLICATIONS Residual spray applications are the core of most perimeter control programs. They are cost-effective and can be applied quickly with hand held or truck mounted spray equipment. Pyrethroid chemistry is the most popular technology for perimeter applications and collectively, Bayer Tempo® Ultra and Suspend® SC are the market leaders, providing: [*] The Fastest Speed of Kill. Speed of kill around the perimeter is extremely important. Pests may not spend much time on a treated surface so speed of kill can easily impact whether or not pests live long enough to cross the barrier, enter the structure and result in a call back. [*] Broad Spectrum Control. You’re covered with Tempo Ultra and Suspend SC, as each product has more than 80 different pests on the label. [*] Long Residual. Suspend SC and Tempo Ultra both provide an effective residual for 60 to 90 days, even on porous surfaces. [*] Liberal Label Directions. Suspend SC and Tempo Ultra provide you with the flexibility to apply the necessary volume of spray, at a low or high application rate, where you need it; under eaves and siding, around window frames and expansion joints, in mulch and ornamental plants, up and down the foundation wall, anywhere you need. [*] Low Odor [*] Non-staining [*] No Phytotoxicity Location, location, location – Where an insecticide is applied has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the application. Directly spraying pests and the places they inhabit will provide the best results. Treating areas protected from the elements will also further extend the residual. Advanced active ingredients with superior formulation technology provide better control of crawling insects on porous surfaces. TEMPO SC ULTRA new ßeta-crystal™ technology provides 30 to 60 percent quicker knockdown of over 100 pests. With more than 130,000 ßeta-crystals of beta-cyfluthrin per square inch, Tempo Ultra offers 14 times more coverage than microencapsulated products. The special manufacturing process results in a specific range of different size ßetacrystals. The smaller crystals penetrate the insect cuticle quickly for fast control, while the larger crystals provide longer residual. Together, you get a combination that can’t be beat – fast control and long residual protection for your customer. Tempo Ultra is also available in a WP (Wettable Powder) formulation. SUSPEND SC contains DeltaGard® brand Deltamethrin, a third generation suspension concentrate pyrethroid. Unlike pyrethroids containing multiple isomers, DeltaGard is a single pure isomer, so each and every molecule of active ingredient is available for maximum killing power. DeltaGard is so effective that extremely small doses effectively control a broad spectrum of insects at rates as low as 0.0015%. It’s better control with less pesticide. Bayer Suspension Concentrate (SC) and Wettable Powder (WP) formulations are not easily absorbed into porous surfaces, remaining effective around the structure, whether it’s wood, mulch, concrete, siding or vegetation. PREMISE® INSECTICIDE. If ants are a problem, Premise should be a part of your perimeter control program. Premise is a non-repellent insecticide that provides good control of ants and is the best technology available for reducing honeydew production on plants around the perimeter. Honeydew, of course, is a preferred food source for ants, so eliminating honeydew adjacent to the structure helps keep ants away. “MAXFORCE BAITS ARE THE NUMBER ONE CHOICE OF PROFESSIONALS.” Maxforce has the ability to control pests in areas that are inaccessible to sprays due to the exclusive Domino Effect™, a delayed killing action where pests, such as ants and cockroaches, live long enough to bring the active ingredient back to the colony, killing others hidden deep in wall voids, under slabs, high in trees, etc. [*] Fast Control – Maxforce bait can spread through an ant colony very quickly [*] Flexible application directions – Maxforce baits can be applied into structures from the outside, on the exterior of buildings, around the perimeter and on trees and plants adjacent to the structure [*] Long residual – Many Maxforce formulations remain effective for up to a year or until the bait is completely consumed when applied in protected areas [*] Fast, convenient application – Maxforce baits are ready to use and can be applied quickly around the perimeter without the need for heavy equipment or spray hoses GRANULAR BAIT MAXFORCE GRANULAR INSECT BAIT is a versatile product that controls ants, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, and other insects. The secret recipe contains Simply Irresistible™ food ingredients plus the active ingredient Hydramethylnon. Maxforce Granular Insect bait is available in fine and regular particle sizes. Fine particle size is preferred by small ant species. GEL BAIT MAXFORCE FC ANT KILLER BAIT GEL provides fast control of a wide variety of different ant species. With a high-moisture formula and fast-acting Fipronil, a few grams of bait placed on a foraging trail or near a nest is all it takes to wipe out a colony. MAXFORCE CARPENTER ANT BAIT GEL combines Fipronil in a special honeydew formula carpenter ants can’t resist. Use Maxforce Carpenter Ant Gel as a less invasive way to control nests that can’t be treated directly with residual contact insecticides. MAXFORCE FC MAGNUM with Fipronil kills large roaches outdoors before they come inside. Apply the gel into cracks and crevices where roaches try to enter the structure for the best long term results. BAIT STATIONS MAXFORCE FC ANT KILLER BAIT STATIONS are child resistant, inspectable and have easy peel and stick adhesive to hold them in place. The active ingredient Fipronil works by contact and ingestion, starts to kill ants inbjust six hours and provides effective, long-lasting control. MAXFORCE ANT KILLER BAIT STATIONS have a similar station design and contain the non-repellent active ingredient Hydramethylnon. Hydramethylnon has a unique mode of action that prevents insects from turning food into energy. MAXFORCE FC LARGE ROACH BAIT STATIONS provide excellent, long-lasting control of large cockroaches outdoors before they come inside. Each station contains 2.75 grams of bait and remains effective for up to one year or until the bait is completely consumed. Place the stations around the perimeter of structures near wood piles, decks, air conditioning units and eaves where large roaches like to hide CONTACT KILLING GRANULES DELTAGARD® G granules, with Deltamethrin, are easily applied around structures with a hand held or walkbehind spreader and provide good penetration and control of crawling pests through leaf litter and thick vegetation. The granules disperse the active ingredient when exposed to moisture making it an ideal formulation when rain is in the forecast and your customers are concerned about liquids being washed away. DUST INSECTICIDES Dust insecticides can provide a long residual, preventing pests from getting inside structures when applied from the exterior into voids. Very effective on porous surfaces, dusts are also economical and easy to apply. DELTADUST® with DeltaGard is the only 100 percent waterproof dust, making it the best choice for damp or wet areas. DRIONE® is a silica-based desiccant dust with natural pyrethrum. Drione provides quick knockdown and excellent flushing action of a wide range of perimeter pests. TEMPO® 1% DUST, with 1 percent Cyfluthrin, is a great all around dust that provides a long residual against a wide variety of perimeter pests including bees and wasps. Whether standing alone or as part of a more comprehensive strategy, here are some perimeter treatment recommendations you can take to the bank. PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE If there are no problems inside the structure and you want to make sure it stays that way. Standard operating procedure: WHEN EXTRA PEST PRESSURE CALLS FOR EXTRA MEASURES! Need a solution for ants? [*] Treat nests directly with Suspend SC or Tempo Ultra. Pay special attention to thick mulch around the perimeter and use plenty of spray volume for thorough penetration [*] Use a dust or Premise Foam for better penetration to treat ant nests in wall voids [*] When colonies can’t be found or are located in inaccessible areas, incorporate Maxforce baits into your control program for the best long term results [*] Use Premise in combination with Maxforce Granular Insect Bait [*] Know your ants. Ask your local Bayer representative for a copy of the Bayer Ant Identification Guide Need to stop large outdoor cockroaches from getting inside? [*] Use a dust to make entry points uninhabitable, place Maxforce FC Magnum into harborage areas and apply Maxforce FC Large Roach Bait Stations in strategic locations around the structure Need to knockdown spiders? [*] Make spot treatments directly to spiders and the places they hide with Tempo Ultra or Suspend SC. Be sure to treat under the edges of siding, around light fixtures, around windows and doors, under eaves and on plants located next to the structure [*] Use a dust in voids for the best penetration and control on porous surfaces Need to protect from stinging insects? [*] If a paper wasp nest is easily accessible, protect yourself and spray it directly with Tempo Ultra or Suspend SC [*] If a bee or wasp nest is in a wall void, Tempo Dust is your best choice SPRING Low rate perimeter spray treatment with Tempo® Ultra or Suspend® SC If scale insects are present, mix Premise® at .05% to reduce honeydew production Watch for and treat areas where paper wasps are starting new nests SUMMER Low rate perimeter spray treatment with Tempo Ultra or Suspend SC Treat any obvious ant mounds beyond the perimeter spray application with Maxforce® Granular Insect Bait. FALL Low rate perimeter spray treatment with Tempo Ultra or Suspend SC Rodent prevention WINTER Deltagard® G perimeter application for better penetration into leaf litter Spot treat points of entry with Suspend SC or Tempo Ultra INSIDE THE STRUCTURE Bayer products are versatile. Every product mentioned in this solution guide with the exception of DeltaGard G can be applied inside to control pests. BEYOND THE PERIMETER Look for additional service opportunities and revenue: [*] Termites in a wooden fence or shed can be controlled with Premise [*] Is there a dog run or fenced in yard? Suspend SC is great for fleas and Maxforce Fly Spot Bait will prevent house flies from bothering your customer’s dog [*] For ticks, a broadcast treatment with Suspend provides fast control and long residual. DeltaGard G is the best choice for treating leaf litter [*] For mosquitoes, treat resting areas with Suspend SC [*] TopChoice controls and prevents fire ant infestations for one full year and Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait provides fast, effective control [*] Use Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel to knock down carpenter ants, which forage up to 100 yards for food and water. The source for a problem inside could be far away from the structure
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