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Bug Lady posted this on Aug 5, 2016

Now that fall is here and the temperatures are getting cooler, all kinds of bugs and insects are looking for a warm place to spend the winter (or just a few days). The best way to keep them out of your house is to not give them a chance to get in. Take a slow walk around the exterior of your house and look closely at the exterior walls, doors, windows, roof and foundation. Take notes about any points of entry you find (and look closely-you will find some).

Any crack in the foundation, even very small ones, will let some bugs in. Windows that are unsealed or have lost some caulking around them are entryways for insects. Gaps in siding or cracks in siding will admit bugs. For easy pest control, fill any small cracks, gaps or holes with the proper caulking or sealer and you will eliminate many bugs and insects from getting into your home. You will also save some money on energy costs because if bugs can get in, heat can get out!

Despite your best efforts, however, once in awhile a few bugs or insects will show up inside your house. Once inside, bugs need food and water to survive. You can make your home as inhospitable as possible by eliminating the sources of food and water. Standing water in planters, pet food and water and crumbs on the floor will keep bugs fed and healthy for weeks. Take away their water source, and you’ll find bugs don’t like living in your house.

There will be times, though, that you will need some help getting rid of pests. You CAN do most any extermination yourself and it really isn’t difficult. The best place to find the solutions to any insect or bug problem you have is to visit ePest Solutions. Pest control can be easy when you know what you are doing and ePest Solutions will walk you through every step.


At ePest Solutions, we explain the many different kinds of bugs and insects that may be a problem to you. We then offer several different solutions to the problem, and give explicit instructions on how to use our products. In fact, we have many “how-to” videos for our products that will guide you, step-by-step, in getting rid of your pests.

For example, carpenter bees will build their nests in any exposed wood (wood not having any paint, stain or sealant) they can find. We have 18 different products to combat carpenter bees, one of which is sure to fit your needs. We have rapid FREE shipping procedures so you get your product fast and can start eliminating the bees.

We offer expert advice on a myriad of problems and we even have free live chat. You can actually talk with a real person about your particular problem and get real-time advice on it. Save hundreds of dollars and a lot of time by “doing-it-yourself”. Come to us for easy pest control.


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