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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 10, 2016
This traps name says it all; it is one of the most animal friendly traps on the line. No matter what size of style you get they are all made with smooth, protective edges inside the cage to prevent injury or damage to the animal. Benefits to using Havahart traps Havahart traps can trap any size animal ranging from a small mouse to a small dog. They can also be used to catch multiple animals when you choose one of our double door models. The Havahart traps can be placed indoors or outdoors and are incredibly user friendly – easy to set up, easy to bait, and easy to take down. They are strong enough to contain even the strongest animals, yet soft enough to protect them from hurting themselves. Many times people find larger pests in their home or backyard but do not want to use harsh chemicals or risk getting hurt. These larger pests can do great damage to your interior and exterior walls, insulation, etc. and can ruin a garden or lawn in a matter of days. These animals are very pesky, but they are simply trying to survive and some people find it harsh to eliminate these creatures using poison or harsh traps. Here at ePest we trust Havahart traps to get the job done quickly, safely and humanely.
Categories: Animal Pests
Tags: Havahart traps 
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