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Target Pests

Kness Ketch All Mouse Traps are used for trapping mice of all sizes and shapes. Ketch Alls will also catch voles and other smaller rodents.

For Use In

Kness Ketch All Mouse Traps are for use in structures such as residential, commercial, food-processing and non-food processing facilities. They work well in warehouses, barns, and other large areas.,


For simple placement of Kness Ketch All Mouse Traps place the trap 1 1/2" to 2" from and parallel to wall with either entrance hole facing the wall or with either end flush with the wall.

Coverage Area

Each Kness Ketch All Mouse Trap will cover an area of approximately 15 to 40 feet depending on size of infestation.

They can be placed every 30 feet along the walls in areas where an infestation is active.

Time to Kill

Kness Ketch All Mouse Traps are not designed to kill mice just to be used for trapping.

Ketch-All Mouse Trap

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Ketch-All Mouse Trap

The KETCH-ALL operates without the use of harmful chemicals, making it safe to use around children and pets. It is efficient, often capturing several mice in one setting!
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Customer Reviews

  • Ketch-All Mouse Trap
    By Todd Kaiser on 7/21/2011
    No assembly required.Product arrived on time.No product was damaged


  • Ketch-All Mouse Trap
    By Kevin Guerrier on 9/9/2010
    It works good, ""mice check in but don't check out""


  • Ketch-All Mouse Trap
    By Rachel Atkins on 10/29/2009
    The first night it was up in the attic, it didn't catch anything. I then put a little peanut butter above the trigger mechanism and then second night, we caught 4 mice! This is a great live trap that can catch multiple mice in one setting. the clear lid makes it easy to see if anything is in there. The only drawback is that the lid is a little insecure. It just kind of sits there. This is something I would definitely purchase again!



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