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Target Pests

Pocket Gophers

For Use In

Lawn, Turf and Rangeland,


Apply 1/2 cup of bait as far into the borrow as possible by hand or with gopher probe.

Bait can be applied by hand, in underground bait stations, or with a gopher probe. The product is available in 5-lb, 10-lb, 30-lb pail.

Kaput gopher bait is manufactured with wheat and the anticoagulant diphacinone.

After initial treatment, if fresh mounds appear after 2 -3 weeks, repeat treatment.

Before use, please read the entire label and follow all use directions and use precautions.

Time to Kill

4 to 7 days

Mix Rate

Ready to Use

Active Ingredient

diphacinone - .005%

How To

Kaput-D Pocket Gopher Bait is a red grain containing the active ingredient Diphacinone. It effectively kills gophers on lawns, golf courses, rangeland, and other non-crop areas. It can easily be applied with the Gopher Pro tool and usually kills within one week. Unlike products containing strychnine or zinc phosphide, Kaput-D has an antidote as well.

Contains red grain bait with Diphacinone for gopher control. Kills Pocket Gophers on lawns, golf courses, rangeland and non-crop areas.

  • Easy to apply on lawn, turf areas and rangeland.
  • Cost effective product.
  • Kills gophers within one week.
  • Has antidote, unlike products with strychnine or zinc phosphide.

Kaput-D Pocket Gopher Bait Diphacinone

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Kaput-D Pocket Gopher Bait Diphacinone


This whole wheat grain bait provides a greater kill rate than acutes with no pre-baiting. Gophers can bring bait back to the nest exposing young or re-invading gophers. Contains .005% Diphacinone. Has antidote unlike strychnine and zinc phosphide. EPA General-Use Classification.

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I've been trying to order the 5lb of KAPUT-D POCKET GOPHER BAIT DIPHACINONE, but the web site just gives me the "clock" and never takes me to the next screen. Help.
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Customer Reviews

  • Kaput-D Pocket Gopher Bait Diphacinone
    By Scot Smith on 5/21/2016
    Great well with no attraction or harm to domestic animals


  • Kaput-D Pocket Gopher Bait Diphacinone
    By Robert Powell on 8/4/2014
    Working gophers in soccer and school fields has presented several issues, I do not have in pastures and farm land, here is the Willamette Valley, Oregon. The wheat based product works more consistantly than others I have tried. The product is quite simple to apply with the applicator. The school fields had been ignored for years, and there are empty open fields outside the perimeter. Gopher paradise, with litterly freeway access to the feeding grounds. Before I started using Kaput, I trapped 108gophers in one field segment. Now I use Kaput and traps, depending on the set, with much greater success. For me, it is a proven solution.



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