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Target Pests

Rats Mice & Voles,

For Use In

May only be used inside and within 50 feet of buildings or inside transport vehicles (ships, trains or aircraft). ,


For best performance, remove other food sources from the area.

Rats: Apply 4 - 16 blocks per bait placement at intervals of 15 to 30 feet. Maintain a fresh bait supply for 10 days.

Mice: Apply 1 block per placement at intervals of 8 to 12 feet. Maintain a fresh bait supply for 15 days.

Voles: Place 1 block in each bait station. Situate bait stations near runways, burrow opening or plants that voles have been damaging. Check placements daily. Maintain a fresh bait supply for 15 days. Use tamper-resistant bait stations when children, pets or non-target wildlife are present.

Coverage Area

All bait placements must be inside or within 50 feet of buildings.

Time to Kill

3-5 days

Mix Rate

Ready to use

Active Ingredient

Warfarin - 0.025%, Imidacloprid - 0.020%

Kaput Combo Bait Mini Blocks

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Kaput Combo Bait Mini Blocks

Kaput Combo Bait Mini Blocks uses both a rodenticide and an insecticide to provide comprehensive control of your rodent problem. Kills Voles, Norway & Roof Rats, House Mice, AND their Fleas. 1 product - 5 targets! Warfarin & Imidacloprid Yellow wax blocks 18lb pail (approximately 288 blocks)
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Customer Reviews

  • Kaput Combo Bait Mini Blocks
    By Samuel Goodwin on 8/30/2015
    Easy to use. Evidence of eating bait seen over night. There have been several dead voles in their tunnels in the yard. Definitely plan to continue use.


  • Kaput Combo Bait Mini Blocks
    By on 7/28/2015
    The bait is being consumed but it's too soon to tell about effectiveness. I bought a bait station with the pellets. Disappointed that the holes in the pellets are too small to fit over the bait spikes. As a result the pellets are breaking in half when forced on.


  • Kaput Combo Bait Mini Blocks
    By Samuel Goodwin on 7/29/2014
    This is my second order for the combo bait control. It works well to control voles. New voles appear from time to time and tunnel through my lawn. Kaput is definitely an effective control. I use a short length of 3 inch stove pipe to contain the bait and control access. Set the pipe in a tunnel next to their habitat.


  • Kaput Combo Bait Mini Blocks
    By Brendan C on 7/23/2014
    Easy to use, appears to be effective with other rodents besides voles. Not certain if due to my bait stations, but neighbor found a dead rat in their back yard. Hopefully squirrels aren't getting to it...though they have been cleaning out my bird feeder.Only question I have is how to know how long to use the blocks. I have found half eaten blocks after 4 weeks...and just add more.


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