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Target Pests

Fusarium blight Brown patch, Dollar spot, Gray snow mold, Leaf spots, Necrotic ring spot, Alternaria leaf blight, Botrytis blight, Botrytis storage rot, Fusarium corm rot, Fusarium leaf spot, Ink spot, Rhizoctonia stem & root rot,

For Use In

Ipro 2SE Fungicide can be used in sodfarms, nurseries, greenhouses, ornamental plants, turf, grasses, fairways, greens, golf courses, municipal lawns, and through irrigation systems.,


APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: First prepare a suspension of QualiPro Ipro 2SE in a mix tank. Fill tank with 1/2 to 3/4 the desired amount of water. Start mechanical or hydraulic agitation. Add the required amount of Quali-Pro Ipro 2SE and then the remaining volume of water. (Suspension concentrations using the appropriate dosage per acre recommended on this label of Quali-Pro Ipro 2SE per 1 to 4 gallons of water are recommended). Then set sprinkler to deliver 0.1 to 0.3 inch of water per acre. Start sprinkler and uniformly inject the suspension of Quali-Pro Ipro 2SE into the irrigation water line so as to deliver the desired rate per acre. The suspension of Quali-Pro Ipro 2SE should be injected with a positive displacement pump into the main line ahead of a right angle turn to insure adequate mixing. If you should have any other questions about calibration, you should contact State Extension Service specialists, equipment manufacturers, or other experts

Mix Rate

3 to 4 ounces per gallon

Active Ingredient

Iprodione 23.8%

Ipro 2SE Fungicide

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Ipro 2SE Fungicide

Ipro 2SE fungicide delivers fast-acting, long-lasting control of brown patch, dollar spot, as well as other diseases in turf. Provides unsurpassed control of Rhizoctonia, Botrytis, Fusarium, and Alternaria in ornamentals.
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