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InVite Multi-Moth Lure can be used indoors and out. It's a necessity for eliminating moths present in places like storage warehouses and retail stores.,



Place the Station on walls or shelving etc. and secure if needed using Hercules Putty, Liquid Nails, double-sided tape, screws, nails, Velcro, Dual Lock, wire or construction adhesive. The Station can also be hung using wire through one or more of the pre-drilled corner holes. The cover of the Station can be removed for servicing even if the base is secured down. The InVite Multi-Moth Lures will remain active for 8 weeks, or longer in cool areas.


Use Tips:

1. Place Stations a little above eye level, preferably near or on walls, since adult moths often rest on walls.

2. Moths fly more in warmer temperatures, so place Stations in areas above 60 °F, preferably in areas with some air movement.

3. The sex pheromone will draw male moths from 30-50 feet away, or further if there is good air flow. In warehouses, place Stations in a grid pattern every 50-100 feet.

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  • Contains pheromones for attracting plodia, ephestia, Indian meal, tobacco, almond, Mediterranean flour and raisin moths
  • Non-toxic, non-pesticidal rubber septa lure - effective for at least 6 weeks
  • May be applied to glueboards of any shape or size
  • InVite™ Multi-Moth Lure can be placed on the glueboard in the D-Sect™ IPM Station for discreet, protected monitoring or trapping
  • May be reapplied to a new glueboard should the first glueboard become full during the effective period of the lure

InVite Multi-Moth Lure

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InVite Multi-Moth Lure

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InVite Multi-Moth Lure is a rubber septa lure, impregnated with pheromones, designed for ease of use and no mess. This lure is highly attractive to a range of pantry moths and is perfect for use in storage warehouses and retail stores for monitoring and trapping moths.

The pheromones present in the lure attracts plodia, Indian meal, almond, tobacco, ephestia, Mediterranean flour and raisin moths. The lure is non-toxic, non-pesticidal and can last for up to 6 weeks of continuous use. D-Sect IMP Station can be used for discreet and protected trapping or monitoring. The product comes in 12 individually wrapped rubber septa lures.

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