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The trap is designed to be placed in any orientation, including upside down on the underside of counters or tables with no spills,


Do not remove this film prior to or during use! Make sure the small hole in the center of the topis fully open. Tear open the packet of Liquid Lure and add it to the trap through the hole on the top and swirl around to activate. The trap can be placed right side up, hung on it’s side, or hung upside down. Turn slowly when turning upside down to minimize any spills. If desired, this film can be removed after use, to assist in counting the number of flies trapped.

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  • Innovative and unique two part lure system, liquid in the pouch activates the powder pre-loaded in the trap
  • Safe for use in food areas
  • Non-toxic, non-pesticidal formula
  • The trap is designed to be placed in any orientation, including upside down on the underside of counters or tables with no spills
  • Clear backing makes monitoring quick and easy
  • The trap may be lightly sprayed with a microcap such as FenvaStar™ EcoCap™ to kill flies that are attracted but may not enter the trap

InVite Fruit Fly Trap

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InVite Fruit Fly Trap

The InVite Fruit Fly Trap is a quick, easy and effective leave-behind item to attract and trap fruit flies without using pesticides. It is safe for use around food and, once activated, will emit an odor irresistible to fruit flies. The design of the trap minimizes spills while allowing the trap to be placed on vertical and horizontal surfaces, or upside down on the underside of a counter or table. For convenient and discreet fruit fly trapping, the InVite™ Fruit Fly Trap is an effective, leave-behind tool. Service professionals, clients and the environment will appreciate its natural formula for capturing small flies, including difficult to control dark-eyed fruit flies and phorid flies.
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