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Target Pests

ants cockroaches, crickets, mole crickets, silverfish, firebrats and earwigs,

For Use In

InVict Xpress can control insects in places where pyrethroid insecticides simply cannot such as crawling insect control on impervious surfaces, and in sewers. InVict Xpress also provides flexible fast control of existing ant infestations on residential, commercial turf and golf courses. The use rate is only 4-8 oz per 1000 sq ft and does not require the applicator to wear PPE. ,


Proprietary bait matrix with multiple attractants insects find irresistible
Broad spectrum multi-granule; attracts and kills ants, cockroaches, crickets, mole crickets, silverfish, firebrats and earwigs.
Rapid carnage for heavy populations
Indoor, outdoor and turf use
4 - 8 oz per 1000 sq ft
No PPE required
PCO use only in NY.

Coverage Area

4-8 ounce per 1,000 square feet

Time to Kill

For pest management professionals who don’t have time to wait for results when dealing with an active insect infestation, InVict Xpress Granular Bait provides fast kill of a broad range of crawling insects. The proprietary bait matrix contains multiple food attractants for fast attraction and 0.5% imidacloprid for fast kill. InVict Xpress is labeled for a wide range of ants, cockroaches, crickets, mole crickets, silverfish, firebrats and earwigs.

Mix Rate

Ready to Use

Active Ingredient

Contains 0.5% imidacloprid for lightning fast results.


How It Works: Roaches, crickets, silverfish, firebrats, and earwigs discover the bait while foraging and eat it and die. Worker ants cannot eat solid food, so they pick up the bait and take it back to the nest and feed it to the larvae. The larvae digest solid food and excrete liquid food for the rest of the colony.

How To

Outdoor Perimeter Application: Apply bait at a rate of 1/2 – 1 oz (2 - 4 tablespoons) per 100 square feet. Use a hand shaker, duster or mechanical spreader to apply the bait. Apply in a band from 1 - 3 feet wide around the perimeter of buildings. Please refer to label for complete application recommendations

Invict X-Press Granules

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Invict X-Press Granules

InVict Xpress Granular Bait delivers lightning fast kill of a broad spectrum of insects like ants, cockroaches, crickets, mole crickets, silverfish, firebrats and earwigs. With the power of imidacloprid and the irresistibility of this bait matrix you'll see the carnage quickly and you'll have the "Unfair Advantage".
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