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Target Pests

Hyvar XL is effective in the control of bromegrass cheatgrass, crabgrass, foxtail, lambsquarters, orchard grass, puncturevine, ragweed, ryegrass, turkey mullein, wild oats, aster, bahiagrass, blue grass, broomsedge, dandelion, dog fennel, goldenrod, plantain, purpletop and many others listed on the label.,

For Use In

Hyvar® X-L is made specifically for non-crop areas such as utility, industrial, fence rows, railroads, highway rights-of-way, petroleum tank farms, lumber yards and farm storage areas. ,


HYVAR® X-L herbicide is a water soluble liquid to be mixed in water and applied as a spray for weed control in non-crop and industrial sites. It may also be applied either undiluted or diluted with water for the control of various species of brush on industrial sites.

Active Ingredient

Lithium salt of Bromacil 21.9%

Hyvar XL

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Hyvar XL

HYVAR® X-L is an effective general herbicide providing residual control of many annual weeds at low rates and perennial weeds and brush at higher rates. It is particularly useful for control of perennial grasses. After mixing with water HYVAR® X-L is non-flammable, non-volatile and non-corrosive to metals, except aluminum. Use with aluminum spray nozzles or equipment is not recommended.
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