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For Use In

Outdoor areas - with backpack blowers, backpack sprayers and handheld sprayers in outdoor residential, commercial, recreational areas and in and around horse barns. Can also be used on and around landscape plants.,

Active Ingredient

Sumithrin® - 10% *Piperonyl butoxide - 10%

How To

According to MGK, Hyperion is the first residential misting product that uses the active ingredient that has been widely used to combat many notable mosquito outbreaks following hurricanes such as Katrina and Rita, as well as during the West Nile virus outbreak in 2012.

· New active ingredient for the misting market · Kills through contact with three-day residual activity · Water-based formula is stable in solution · Effective results using less active ingredient


TEMPORARY REDUCTION OF ANNOYANCE from Stable Flies, Mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti), and Small Flying Moths. The outdoor surface application will give temporary relief of annoyance from these pests in listed outdoor areas. Direct application into tall grass and shrubbery, around lawns and other areas or surfaces where pests may harbor or rest.

To kill accessible stages of listed flying insects in listed outdoor areas: If possible, spray application should be made when the insects are most active. With a backpack mist blower, spray at a dosage rate 0.5 to 1 fluid ounces of concentrate per gallon of spray solution.

When applying with a broadcast power sprayer, apply with sufficient water to adequately cover the area being treated, but do not apply to the point of runoff. Alternate power spray mixing directions are to use 16 fl. oz. of concentrate per 50 gallons of water.


Use Areas

  • Outdoor Residential Misting systems


    Outdoor Use as a Premise Spray, including:

  • Outdoor residential
  • Commercial areas
  • Recreational areas
  • Around horse barns
  • Indoor Use in Horse Barns


    Method of Application

  • Automatic misting systems
  • Outdoor surface application
  • Backpack blowers
  • Backpack sprayers
  • Handheld sprayers
  • Indoor application in horse barns


    Key Insects and Pests Controlled

  • Mosquitoes
  • Stable Flies
  • Fire Brats
  • Ants
  • Small Flying Moths
  • Earwigs
  • Crickets
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Other Nuisance Insects

Hyperion Advanced Mist Concentrate

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Hyperion Advanced Mist Concentrate

Hyperion Advanced Mist Concentrate is the latest innovation in mosquito control technology for residential misting application. Engineered for use in misting systems, Hyperion utilizes a proprietary MGK formulation that allows stable dilution in water and is effective at very low mix rates while delivering kill and proven three-day residual activity against mosquitoes.
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