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Crabgrass Weed Control Products

One of the most common type of turf weed is the stubborn and opportunistic crabgrass (digitaria). This annual weed is also known as  finger-grass, and fonio and can be both annual and perennial. Crabgrass is characterized by being slender and sprawling from a central root low across the ground and looking like the pincers of a crab.

Crabgrass can spread quickly during the warm summer months and though they die out in the fall, a single weed can typically leave behind thousands of seeds that will be ready to grow and pester lawns the following spring. The best defense against crabgrass is a healthy lawn. Undesirable grasses and weeds simply won’t stand a chance to survive in a well-maintained and nutrient-rich stand of grass.

Control Products for Eliminating crabgrass

If your lawn has crabgrass, it can be difficult to remove them without the proper weed control equipment. Sometimes having a healthy and well-maintained lawn isn’t enough. While it is best to take care of crabgrass in the beginning of spring with a pre-emergent to make sure the seeds don’t germinate, if you already have grown crabgrass, you will have to use a post-emergent because a pre-emergent won’t do any good.
You should, choose one of the recommended weed killers shown in the list below. We have non-selective herbicides which work really well with crabgrass and can eliminate them from your lawn quickly and effectively. Repeated application may be necessary about 6 weeks later to treat crabgrass since it is a persistent weed. Please visit our knowledge base for advice and information on the application of our various weed killers. Once the weed has been neutralized or controlled the bare area should be replaced with a combination of suitable soil and turf seed to aid recovery.
Crabgrass Control 

ePestSolutions is your trusted advisor and provider for professional quality do-it-yourself lawn maintenance and weed control. Our exclusive lawn care and weed elimination products include premium grass seeds and professional-grade fertilizers. We also have highly-trained and industry-certified representatives that are ready to answer your call or email about any lawn, weed or pest control questions. Check out our selection of crabgrass control products and if you ever need help selecting the best product for you, contact us and we can point you in the right direction depending on your preference and turf circumstance.


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