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Clover Weed Control Products

In lawns, the persistent clover (trifolium) is one of the most recognizable weeds on lawns and turf. Perennial and low-growing, clover (also known by other names such as trefoil and medick)is actually a helpful addition to your lawn as it contains certain characteristics that keep your lawn healthy. However landowners wanting a uniform turf may find it unsightly and want to get rid of the weed.


Some notably species of clover is the White or Dutch clover (Trifolium repens) which are large-leaved and has an open habit of growth. They are named as such because their flowers are typically white but they can also be pink. Another common species of clover is the yellow trefoil which is small leaved. Trefoils are an annual weed which forms a flattened, circular map of overlapping thin wiry stems. Their flower heads are pale yellow. Clover weed prefers nutrient rich, moist soils. Dry and shady sites are not ideal conditions for growth.

Control Products for Eliminating Clover


When pursuing natural means of weed control, like mulching or digging out clover, isn’t doing the trick, chemical treatment can be used to eliminate the weed. You should, choose one of the recommended weed killers shown in the list below. Repeated application may be necessary about 6 weeks later to treat clover since it is a persistent weed. The ideal times to treat White Clover is during late May or early June when the weed is actively growing for the best results. Visit our knowledge base for advice and information on the application of our various weed killers. Once the weed has been neutralized or controlled the bare area should be replaced with a combination of suitable soil and turf seed to aid recovery.


ePestSolutions is your trusted advisor and provider for professional quality do-it-yourself lawn maintenance and weed control. Our exclusive lawn care and weed elimination products include premium grass seeds and professional-grade fertilizers. We also have highly-trained and industry-certified representatives that are ready to answer your call or email about any lawn, weed or pest control questions. Check out our selection of clover control products and if you ever need help selecting the best product for you, contact us and we can point you in the right direction depending on your preference and turf circumstance.


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