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Chickweed Weed Control Products

The common Chickweed (also known by other names such as starwort, satin flower, and others) is an annual weed which typically grows from seeds that sprout during the autumn season. The chickweed originally emanated from Europe but is now prevalent throughout much of the United States and Canada as a common lawn weed. Chickweed sproats rather small stems, rarely growing above 2 inches off the ground but it has a tendency to spread fast. Because of the short height that it grown, chickweed is usually hard to mow down even when mowers are on their lowest setting.


There are two different common species of chickweed. One is the Mouse-ear chickweed (Cerastium vulgatum), which is a perennial and produces dense low-lying patches within lawns and gardens. The second species is the common chickweed(Stellaria media) and as we mentioned above, it is an annual weed and one that is easier to control compared to the Mouse-ear.


Control Products for Eliminating Chickweed


Other than pulling the chickweeds out by hand which could be quite laborious, ePestSolutions recommends using a non-selective weed killer containing glyphosate to eliminate chickweed in your lawn and yard. This type of herbicide will ensure that the chemical is moved throughout the weed to kill it completely all the way to the root. Chickweed root stem is typically shallow and  controlled in the spring or fall. As always, when using non-selective herbicides like glyphosates, be very careful in your treatment especially when the chickweed is around your desirable flowers, plants and turf.


ePestSolutions is your trusted advisor and provider for professional quality do-it-yourself lawn maintenance and weed control.. Our exclusive lawn care and weed elimination products include premium grass seeds and professional-grade fertilizers. We also have a highly-trained and industry-certified representatives that are ready to answer your call or email about any lawn, weed or pest control questions. Check out our selection of chickweed control products and if you ever need help selecting the best product for you, contact us and we can point you in the right direction depending on your preference and turf circumstance.



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