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Target Pests

Picloram P+D Herbicide is used for the control of bindweed wild carrot, clover, dandelion, dock, goldenrod, milkweed, plantain, ragweed, ragwort, sowthistle, vetch, alder, birch, blackberry, cherry, douglas fir, elm, hemlock, hickory, honeysuckle, maple, oak, persimmon, pine, poison oak, sassafras, spruce, sumac, wild rose, and many other listed weeds.,

For Use In

Grazon Herbicide is for use on conservation reserve program acres, rangelands, grass pastures, forest planting sites, industrial sites, manufacturing sites, storage sites, rights-of-way, railroads, electric power lines, communication lines, pipelines, highways, and wildlife openings.,


For a broadcast application Picloram P+D Herbicide can be used at a rate of 1 to 7.4 pints per acre making sure to use sufficient enough water to get uniform coverage of the treatment area. The Grazon application rate varies significantly depending on the use site and target weed. Please always refer to the Grazon label before applying.

Use higher mix rates of Picloram P+D in areas with dense weed populations or to obtain a longer residual control of target weeds.

Coverage Area

Do not exceed more than 7.4 quarts per acre per year. Each 2.5 gallon container of Picloram P+D Herbicide will cover approximately 1.35 acres at the maximum use rate per year.

Time to Kill

Grazon will kill weeds in 2-4 days depending on growth stage and weather.

Mix Rate

1 to 7.4 pints per acre

Active Ingredient

Picloram 10.2%, 2,4-D 39.6%

Grazon Pro Herbicide (Picloram P+D)

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Grazon Pro Herbicide (Picloram P+D)

Grazon Pro Herbicide (Picloram P+D) by Alligare LLC is a weed killer for control of undesirable vegetation in established turf, pastures and rangelands. Grazon is the best weed killer for large fields and pastures. It is very popular as a farm herbicide and has been around for a long time and goes by other names like Graze On, Grazeon, and Grazon Extra. RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDE.
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