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Cemeteries Commercial Turf – Sod Farms Exterior Landscaped Settings Food-bearing Trees and Other Plants Golf Courses Non-food-bearing Plants Recreational Turf – Parks and Playgrounds Residential and Landscape Turf Sports Turf or Athletic Fields Trees, Shrubs, and Foliage Plants Turf,


1. DAY 1: Step1:Cover entire area where gopher damage is present. Application should extend 30 ft. around or beyond the infested area (indicated by mounds and plant damage) refer to spreader settings when using rotary spreader. Step2: Apply a second covering by sprinkling liberally within specific beds and plantings where gopher damage is visible. Also sprinkle liberally a 24" wide band around the beds or plantings affected by gopher damage. Step3: Locate mounds, whether plugged or open. Shake about 3 oz. (1/8 of a scoop or a small handful) into each mound. Open plugged mounds to access the tunnels and fill the open mounds with Gopher Scram Professional. Refill with soil. 2. NOTE: Water the affected area where Gopher Scram Professional has been sprinkled or spread for approx. 20 minutes. 3. DAY 14: Apply Gopher Scram Professional by repeating Day 1 applications.

Active Ingredient

Clover Oil 1.25% Garlic Oil .13% Linseed Oil 3.00% Rosemary Oil 1.50% Cinnamon Oil .50% Dried Blood 8.00% Castor Oil 13% Peanut Hulls, Casein, Fish oil 72.63%

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They often dig several holes a day, leaving mounds of dirt around each new entry. Their tunnels can even divert and carry off irrigation water, leading to soil erosion. Our unique organic formula that provides strong, natural repelling power without harming people, pets or the environment. America's Finest™ gopher repellent works faster, is more effective and is less expensive per square foot than other gopher repellants on the market.

Gopher Scram 25 Lbs

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Gopher Scram 25 Lbs

Gophers can create problems for your lawn and injure or kill plants and flowers in your garden. Gopher Scram gopher repellent will stop gophers from feeding on ornamental plants, vines, shrubs, and trees. Our gopher repellent will also stop gophers from destroying your lawn.
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