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Target Pests

This product is intended to kill pocket gophers

For Use In

Gopher bait 50 can only be used in subsoil burrow applications. This means it must be put directly into the burrow of pocket gophers and cannot be scattered on the surface of the ground.,,


Martin's Gopher Bait 50 Uses/Applications: Use Restrictions: This product may only be used to control pocket gophers in subterranean applications only in rangelands, pastures, croplands and non-crop areas. Do not apply this product by use of mechanical burrow builder. Do not apply this product above ground over agricultural crops or anywhere else. Do not apply directly to food or feed crops. Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers, other persons, pets, or domestic animals. Keep pets and other people out of the area during application.

Baiting: Remove burrow plug from flat side of burrow fan or locate main runway by probing with a metal rod or wooden stick. Resistance on probe will decrease when you are in the main runway. Insert 1 teaspoon of bait into burrow system, using a long handled spoon if necessary. Close tunnel with soil. Do not permit soil to cover bait. One pound of bait will treat 1-8 acres, depending upon number of burrow systems to be treated. Retreat according to above directions if new gopher activity is noticed.

Gopher Bait 50 is not safe around pets and children. Applicators must use gloves and a particulate respirator when applying. Do not use above ground. Place gopher bait in pocket gopher burrows only.

Coverage Area

One pound of bait will treat one to eight acres.

Mix Rate

Gopher bait is a ready to use product and should be used 1 tsp at a time.

Active Ingredient

0.5% Strychnine

How To

To apply Gopher bait 50 find the pocket gopher burrow by plunging a metal rod into the ground. When the rod moves much easier you have found a burrow tunnel. Apply 1 teaspoon of bait in the tunnel and cover back with dirt so as to leave the tunnel undisturbed. When the pocket gophers eat the bait they will die within 3-4 hours.

Applications of gopher bait 50 should be made every 100 feet to ensure proper coverage.

Martin's Gopher Bait 50 Strychnine

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Martin's Gopher Bait 50 Strychnine

Strychnine treated grain bait for pocket gopher control. Subsoil applications only. Insert one tablespoon of bait into the gopher burrow system. One pound of bait will treat one to eight acres.
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