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Target Pests

Gentrol Point Source is intended for use on bed bugs fleas, german roaches, drain flies, pantry pests, and other listed insects. ,

For Use In

Gentrol is for use in homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, offices, schools and many other areas.,


Gentrol Point Source is a very easy to use product. Just activate the Gentrol by simply squeezing the capsule on the adhesive-backed disk. This will release the IGR onto the paper filter and begin to prevent roaches from reproducing.

After activating the Gentrol Point Source it can be attached using the adhesive-backing in and around closets, cabinets, drawers, pantries, refuse areas, equipment, electrical boxes, false ceilings, doors, dressers, windows, heating and a/c ducts, refrigerators, and also in voids where the pests may be harboring.

The active ingredient hydroprene will creep along surfaces around the disk getting into every nook and cranny so the pest insects cannot hide. These are excellent to place and forget for long term control of many insects.

Coverage Area

Each disk of Gentrol will treat 75 square feet so an entire box will treat 1500 square feet. Generally 2-3 in a kitchen or 1-2 in a bathroom is plenty if spaced properly.

Time to Kill

An IGR does not kill the insect. It acts like birth control for bugs by interrupting the development cycle of the insect. Insects that are born from a treated adult will have deformed reproductive organs and not be able to reproduce. It is best to combine Gentrol Point Source with a adulticide for immediate control.

Mix Rate

This product is ready to use without mixing.

Active Ingredient

Hydroprene 90.6%

Gentrol Point Source IGR Plastic Disk

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Gentrol Point Source IGR Plastic Disk

Roach control device with all the benefits of an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), in a discreet, non-spray formulation. In a convenient ready to use disk just crack the module and place in the desired area. Each disk will treat 75 square feet for up to 7 months.
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