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Target Pests

Indian meal mothsrice moths, tobacco moths, red flour beetles, confused flour beetles, lesser grain borers, merchant grain beetles, sawtooth grain beetles,warehouse beetles, cigarette beetles,and dermestid beeetles). Roaches exposed to Gentrol Aerosol will become adults incapable of reproducing. Cockroaches exposed to Gentrol Aerosol will become adults incapable of reproducing. Gentrol Aerosol disrupts the normal life cycle of stored product pests; thus killing these insects during the pupal stage.,

For Use In

Including but not limited to: Apartment buildings, bakeries, bottling facilities, breweries, boiler rooms, cafeterias, candy plants, grocery stores, day care centers, hospitals, residential homes, hotels/motels, office buildings, kitchens, laboratories, cereal processing facilities, manufacturing plants, mausoleums, meat and produce canneries, nursing homes, restaurants, schools, locker rooms, stores, taverns, warehouses, pet stores, as well as various modes of transportation, such as aircraft, buses, trucks, trailers, rail cars, and marine vessels; food and non-food areas of food handling establishments,


Use GENTROL AEROSOL as a general surface spray, spot, or crack and crevice application. Prior to using in commercial or residential food areas, please refer to the Food Handling Establishment Applications section of the label. The preparations prior to treatment and the clean-up after application described are also to be followed for residential use.

Coverage Area

Dissipating foam assures complete coverage. 16 oz. can cover 1200 sq.ft of surface area.

Mix Rate

Ready to Use

Active Ingredient

Hydroprene 0.36%.

Gentrol Aerosol Insect Growth Regulator

Product Q & A

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Gentrol Aerosol Insect Growth Regulator

Features an active ingredient that translocates to prevent pest larvae and nymphs from progressing to the adult stage either causing adult sterility or preventing the emergence of insects from the pupal stage, often resulting in death.
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Customer Reviews

  • Gentrol Aerosol Insect Growth Regulator
    By Shelly on 1/26/2015
    I used this item on pantry moths and it worked great! It took a couple a while but it was worth the wait.



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