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The conversion is simple. You simply remove the pump/motor assembly from the existing unit and bolt it onto the chassis provided in the kit. You then mount the chassis onto the new drum lid, which is included. Our standard finish kit - except for the remote transmitter - is also included in the conversion kit. The result of the conversion is a new Gen 1.3 with a used pump/motor.


Convert a Gen 1.2 unit to a Gen 1.3 WITH Agitation. Includes remote receiver, but not remote transmitter.

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Because of the age of the Gen 1.2, MistAway is no longer offering replacement parts for this unit, if you have an older model of the Mosquito misting system and are having problems it will be time to think about the Upgrade kit. This is an easy to install unit that replaces the upper brains of the misting system. After installation of the upgrade kit you system would be considered a Gen 1.3 and any necessary parts would be available at This Upgrade does not include the pump or motor and there are time when you get the unit back up and running that you may find that these pieces have also failed and need to be replaced.

Gen 1.2 UPGRADE KIT to Gen 1.3 W/ Agitator System

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Gen 1.2 UPGRADE KIT to Gen 1.3 W/ Agitator System


The Gen 1.3 Conversion Kit (Part # 90818 for With Agitation) contains everything you need to fully convert a Gen 1.2, Gen II or Gen I, to a Gen 1.3 except for the pump/motor assembly, the drum, and the remote transmitter, all of which must be salvaged from the existing system. If you have a Gen 1, or gen 2 the remote will need to be added extra.

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